Bey-langdra Monastery receives BTFEC Small Grant

Thimphu. 22 August 2017. The Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation and Kathok Beylangdra Monastery signed a contract agreement today.
A grant of Nu 3, 78,700 is awarded to the monastery as part of Small Grant project to establish and install Electric cookers, Dalda melter (a device to melt solidified oil for offering butter lamp), Eco-stove and Advanced Bukhari in the Monastery. The project aims to prevent degradation of forest and reduce air pollution and its adverse implication.
At the signing, a representative of the monastery said the smokeless electric appliances would immensely help the monk body in maintaining health and hygiene. He also said that since the forests around the monastery are considered sacred, extracting fuel wood and other natural resources are discouraged. These appliances will reduce the fuel consumption to a great extend. The monastery has over 300 monks.

The Director of BTFEC requested the grantee to make best use of the appliance and maintain it properly so that the monastery do not have to leave the appliances underutilized and revert to use of fire wood.
Bey-langdra is one of the most sacred sites of Guru Rinpoche, in Kazhi Gewog under Wangdue Dzongkhag. The Monastery consists of a Dratshang, Shedra and meditation centre with subsidiary monasteries in other parts of Bhutan. The welfare of the monks is taken care of by the Executive Committee of the monastery.
Bay-Langdra under Wangdue Forest Division is one of the six-piloted sites identified as national Heritage Forest during 2015-2016.
Heritage Forest is a forest surrounding cultural, religious or historical sites with significant ecological and cultural values that are under increasing threat from anthropogenic pressure. The declaration will be primarily to protect and rehabilitate degraded forest areas around monasteries, religious or spiritual sites, important monuments, lakes, critical watersheds, etc. Heritage forest could be one of the models for conservation and management undertaken by the community in addition to the many natural resources managed by the communities in the country.

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