Invitation to Quote

The Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (BTFEC) is pleased to invite sealed quotations for supply following items:

  1. Photo Copy Machine-1No.
  2. Wireless access point -2 Nos.
  3. Field Gears:
    1. Sleeping Bag- 13 Nos.
    2. Mat- 13 Nos.
    3.   Rug Sack/Bag Pack-13 Nos.
    4. Rain gear- 13 Nos.

Detailed documents can be availed from the following link:

  1.  Photo Copy Machine & Wireless Access Point
  2.  Field Gears

Sealed quotations should be submitted to the Director, BTFEC on or before 21st May 2018, before 12.00 Noon and will be opened on the same day at 2.30 PM. For further details please contact the Secretariat at 339861, 339862 during work hours.

Please submit your bill for the same to this Secretariat for settlement.


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