Board Orientation

Welcome to our new board members

We are fortunate to have many talented and passionate people serving on our Management Board – willing to share their time. Each person brings unique and valuable experience and expertise, as well as passion and set of skills that will help us achieve our goals as enshrined in the Royal Charter.

We enthusiastically and cordially welcome two most dynamic new board members and look forward to their unique contribution Dasho Dechen Dorji and Dr Sonam Phuntsho will each make in the coming years.

Our Management Board consists of six members who have powers of the management of the Trust Fund. During their three-year term, their responsibilities involve adopting appropriate investment policies, regulations, as well as guidelines, and delegating investment authority and responsibilities to the Asset Management Committee (AMC) for general investment matters and to the Secretariat for investment operations. The Royal Charter 1996 fully entrusts the Board with the fiduciary mandate over the Trust Fund’s financial endowment.

We welcome both to the BTFEC

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