Dorokha to Reduced waste through integrated waste management system

Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation and Dorokha Drungkhag, today, signed a grant agreement for the project “Reduced waste and its implications through Integrated Waste Management system.”

Through this small grant the Drungkhag aims to promote sustainable waste management practice; enhance community-based utilization of degradable waste; and encourage youth association for waste management.

The projects focuses on involvement of unemployed youth in waste management through segregation and marketing of solid waste, and recycling of degradable waste through composting. This project will benefit the public of Dorokha Drungkhag in reducing the waste and enable them to create a pristine environment to live through social awareness on waste management.

At the signing Karma Jurmi, Drungpa, said: “with the current developing scenario in the local area, household waste is becoming bigger issue, since, the Geog as well Drungkhag do not have any source of funding for conducting public advocacy on waste management, segregation and marketing.”

“Promoting the sustainable waste management practice by enhancing community based utilization of degradable waste and engaging youth in waste management would help us to address the waste management issues,” he said.

This project will be implemented in Dophuchen Gewog under the Drungkhag.

The Drungkhag administration in collaboration with Geog Administration Dophuchen, will educate public on importance of waste management and its impact on environment. In addition waste collection shed will be constructed and youth will be trained on waste segregation and marketing of solid waste.

Dorokha Drungkhag Under, Samtse Dzongkhag is located 54 KM away from Dzongkhag office. Considered one of the remote Drungkhags in the country, with improved livelihood and reaching of basic facilities like road, electricity, mobile, banking and others, Dorokha today is battling with waste that come with imported food and other commodities.

Dophuchen Gewog under Dorokha Dungkhag is located to the north of Samtse Dzongkhag and shares its border with Samtse and Phuntshopelri to the south, Denchukha to the east, Dungtoe to the north and Norbugang to the west.

The Gewog comprises of 27 villages scatted in six Chewog. There are 1126 households with a population of 7048. There are around 30 shops at the heart of Gewog commonly known to all as Bazar Dara, which is the commercial hub for the villages and gewogs around. With development, the solid waste has become an issue in the Drungkhag. Through this project, Dorokha plans to bring back its pristine past.


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