BTFEC sensitizes potential project proponents on grant proposal writing (Western Region)

BTFEC sensitizes potential project proponents on grant proposal writing (Western Region)

Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation organised three-day Capacity Building Workshop for Result-Based Project Management in Conservation, covering the Western Dzongkhags between June 25 and 27. The workshop covered the main component of developing competitive proposals for BTFEC Grants, with emphasis on efficient & effective project formulation and grant implementation.

The workshop was conducted to help aspiring conservationist learn how to design conservation project and convincingly articulate this concept within funding proposal. The training focused on how to align to BTFEC Grant proposal submission for which the participants had hands-on training. The workshop was aimed at:

  1. Familiarize the participants on the “Conservation Thematic Areas” as per Request for proposal and BTFEC Strategy Plan III
  2. Inform on BTFEC funding cycle and its review procedures
  3. Develop skills & knowledge on project proposal formulation
  4. Inform and familiarize on the of Project Feasibility & Preparatory Grant concept

The workshop was aimed at developing the capacities of those perspective grantees, at the grassroots level, assisting them to become long-term stewards of the natural environment. In addition, BTFEC’s Strategic Plan III highlights an immediate and increased need for meaningful engagement in conservation by rural populations, civil societies, local government, academia and the private sectors.

At the end of the workshop, the participants were expected to have:

  • Increased know-how of BTFEC’s Conservation Thematic Areas and Request For Proposal, Strategy Plan III
  • Knowledge on BTFEC grant cycle and procedures
  • Skills on project proposal formulation and submission
  • Information and familiarization on the of Project Feasibility & Preparatory Grant concept

Twenty-seven participants comprising Dzongkhag Planning Officers, Dzongkhag Environmental Officers, Gewog Administration Officers, and Representatives of CSOs, Private Sectors, and Academic Institutions, attended the workshop.The participants commented that the workshop provided them with the skills on proposal writing, which they can apply in the future and in training their peers and junior officers. They commended the workshop organization, the competence and mentorship provided by the BTFEC. A major recommendation provided by the participants was the need of more of such workshops covering officers at grassroots especially the Gewog Administration Officer, and Gewog Extension Staff. Training DeliveryThe trainings started with a short pre-test which gauged the existing knowledge and capabilities of the participants about the ideas and concepts to be delivered during the training. There was a post-test conducted at the end of the training which contained different questions but ask about similar concepts asked in the pre-test. This was aimed at comparing the participants’ knowledge of the ideas discussed in the workshop before the training and after they participated in the training.Different training participatory methodologies were used during the training in order to enable the participants gain maximum benefit from the workshop and also share their experiences with one another, so that they not only learn from the trainers but also from each other.Topics Covered In this Workshop

  • Understanding Proposals
  • The Proposal Writing Process
  • About Requests for Proposals
  • Identifying Your Purpose and Your Audience
  • Performing a Needs Analysis
  • Preparing An Outline
  • Creating a Framework
  • Getting Down to Details

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