5th Annual Stakeholders Workshop

The 5th Western region annual stakeholders workshop was organized at Paro from 18th till 20th May 2016, and was attended by the stakeholders who received supports from BTFEC to implement various projects in the areas of environmental conservation. The participants represented the government agencies, CSOs, BTFEC secretariat members and private individuals. The presentation covered some 25 projects, including the inputs from GNHC on monitoring and evaluation systems and new developments at the BTFEC.

The purpose of the workshop was to have face to face interactions so as to identify the inevitable challenges and issues faced by the implementers during the project implementation. And relatively to sought solutions/ identify the way forward. The workshop was also to sensitize the new developments that are happening at the Secretariat.

All the participants were given an opportunity to share their own experiences and learn lesson out of the implemented projects. The secretariat also managed to inform the participants about the changes which will happen with effect from this July. The participants were also informed about the implementation of the Strategic Plan III and explained some of the core elements of the SP III. Subsequently the BTFEC also managed to gather some valuable comments and feedback. Finally both the secretariat and the participants discussed and agreed the need of a proper monitoring and evaluation system to track the progresses of the projects.

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