BTFEC holds annual Retreat

The Bhutan Trust Fund for environmental Conservation (BTFEC) in its quest to improve the delivery of the work it is important to maintain good working relationship with its grantees as well as the internal staff, held its annual retreat in Manas from February 17-20, 2019.

The retreat was aimed at improving the internal working relationship among the staff by setting a common understanding of its vision and mission. Furthermore, it was felt critical that the performances of the individuals are measured in a transparent and accountable manner. This could be done only by establishing common understanding of the Performance Management System of BTFEC in place and making known and understood by all the staff in a same manner.

Opening the retreat the Director/CEO of BTFEC said that it was important to stock take has see how things have taken shape over the years. He also informed the gathering that return to the investment is important in any organizations, adding that once a company does well then all its employees do well.

The Assessment undertaken by the external Consultant has provided many recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the BTFEC deliverable. The retreat provided a common platform to share and understand the suggestions made by the consultant so that the relevant Divisions can internalize and bring about improvement in their working system. BTFEC came up with identified tools and mechanism to implement the recommendation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of BTFEC.

The team revisited the Performance Management system of BTFEC and refined the system so that it is implemented on an annual basis.

It was appropriate that, at the same time, taking into considerations the recommendations made by the consultant develop work plans. Each of the Division and Unit charted out their work plan for the year 2019-2020 and developed action plans for implementation.

It is high time that BTFEC move to the field to understand the conditions under which our grantees are working and it would be an opportune moment to visit one of the grantees and understand the way they work. At the retreat, the team visited the Royal Manas National Park and visited the activities undertaken by it to see the areas of shortfall in the management of Sanctuary and scope of support to the Sanctuary.


This was the first BTFEC retreat after 2012. It was decided, at the retreat, that BTFEC would, henceforth conduct its retreat annually.

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