Keeping our Environment Clean and Green

Keeping in mind the vision of His Majesty The King: “ Where we live must be clean, safe, organized and beautiful for national integrity, national pride, and our bright future. This too is Nation building,” the 13th Batch Desuup conducted mass cleaning campaign on 16 June, supported by BTFEC.

Around 100 De Suups and local residents took part in the cleaning area covering Ludrong Park, Langchuphaka, roads leading to crematory and either sides of the Thim Chhu River leading to the crematory, Tendal Thang and behind Tashichhodzong, and collected 16 tons of waste.

The campaign was aimed at, firstly to help and support the government’s efforts to keep all places in the country clean and beautiful, and save government resources, and secondly to sensitize and educate people to be responsible citizen and contribute in keeping environment and, to create awareness to ensure safe and healthy living for present and future generations

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