Instituting Waste Management in Schools

Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (BTFEC) signed a grant agreement with Dzongkhag Scout Association, Wangdue to provide grant of up to Nu 390000 for the project titled “Instituting Waste Management in Schools under Wangdue Dzongkhag” on 2 September 2019.

The project will develop a policy on Solid Waste Management and establish a waste management unit under scout club of 25 schools of Wangdue Dzongkhag. It will foster and practise of 4 R’s of waste management practices at school and individual level. Similarly it will strictly follow 4 Rs of waste into degradable and non-degradable waste, and reduce waste production at home and at school. It is also expected to improve school level socio-economic development stimulated through the sale of trash.

Other activities of the project include: Awarness and sensitizarion of scout masters on waste management; moblization of local materials and set up compost heap and shelter for the non-degradable waste room; Survey of waste produce weekly before and after waste policy is in place; Capacity building for bookkeeping; and Conduct one-time monitoring of schools.

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