new Projects Approved on May 2013

During the 35th Board Meeting held on 28 May 2013, the following five projects have been approved  for implementation from July 2013:

1. The Establishment of Langjophakha Greenery Park, Phase II (NRED, DoFPs), 2. Integrating Payment for Ecosystem Services and REDD+ in Bhutan (WMD, DoFPs), 3. Conservation of Native Tree Species through Nursery Development at Samtenling Palace (Office of the Gyelopoi Zimpone), 4. Securing Rangeland Soil Carbon through Community-based Yak Herding within Thrumshingla National Park (DoL, MoAFs), and 5. Examine Dietary pattern of Asiatic Elephant in correlation to crop raiding in the sub-tropical region of Bhutan.

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