Rehabilitation of Luetsho Kha Tsho

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 Luetshokha lake infested with invasive weeds  A pristine lake, before the infestation

Luetsho lake is located right next to the Samtengang Central School in Nyisho-Samtengang Geog under Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag. The lake covers a total area of 31.6 ha with a perimeter of 3.19 km.
Luetsho Kha Tsho has been once a very beautiful and clean lake. It was breathtakingly beautiful until few years ago. According to the Tsokpa, Mr. Kezang Dawa who is 56 years old today, it appears that the lake was in much better ecological health, 50 years ago. He recollects the lake to be clear with noticeable riffles when he was 6 years old.
The comparative pictures above portray the drastic changes that have occurred in the condition of the lake in the past few years.

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Mechanical removal of weeds from the lake Rehabilitated Luetshokha lake

Until June 2016, the lake was filled with invasive aquatic plants and the periphery of the lake was covered with invasive weeds.With the help of BTFEC funded project, “Rehabilitation of Luetsho Kha Tsho” all the invasive weeds have been successfully removed from the lake in August 2016.

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