Distribution of Fish in Bhutan’s Three Major River Basin

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The National Research Centre for Riverine & Lake Fisheries under the Department of Livestock, MoAF initiated a three-year long study on Assessment of Species Composition and Distribution of Fish in Bhutan’s Three Major River Basin. The study was funded by the Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (BTFEC). The project ended in May 2016.

Bhutan is endowed with rich natural water bodies in the form of rivers, streams and lakes, and these are being used for many developmental works such as hydroelectric power, irrigation, stone and sand quarry etc. To ensure a sound and healthy aquatic biodiversity of the country, it is imperative to have aquatic resource management plan and mitigation measures in place. For a sound aquatic resource management plan, a well-researched fishery data base is a prerequisite.

Some highlights of the project findings: Fishery resource of Bhutan’s three major river basins

  • Completed two season sampling in 74 fishing stations spreading across 11 Dzongkhags (Amo chu, Punastang chu & Wang chu)
  • A total of 104 species belonging to 16 families and 47 genera recorded
  • 11 exotic and 93 indigenous species
  • 21 new records (not discoveries) to add to the existing list of fish
  • Fishery data base for individual basin (Amo chu, Punastang chu and Wang chu) developed

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