Training Workshop on Grant Proposal Writing and Accreditation to Adaptation Fund for Dzongkhag Planning Officers, Dzongkhag Environment Officers and relevant partner agencies

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Group Presentation

Event Organizers

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 United Nations Environment Programme, Bangkok  Gross National Happiness commission  Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation


Workshop Objective:

  1. To understand the role, mandate and functions of BTFEC;
  2. To understand funding criteria, process and formats of BTFEC grants;
  3. To inform about the process, roles and implications of BTFEC as the National Implementing Entity (NIE) of Adaptation Fund;
  4. Introduction to GNHC and its principle mandates;
  5. To familiarize participants to various financing opportunities (funding windows);
  6. To provide hands on training on Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA), Results Based Management (RBM) and project log frame including project proposal writing.

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