For Grant seekers


Grant seekers are advised to go through our  Strategic Program Focus  to determine if their request falls within our funding priority.
In case the grant seekers are not sure, they may write a brief letter inquiry that  include:

  • Purpose for which funds are being requested
  • Environmental problems the project will address
  • Information about the organization or individual conducting the project
  • Estimated budget and duration for which funds are requested
  • Contact information of the main grant seekers

Grant Cycle:

After receiving the letter, trust fund staff may ask the grant seeker to submit a formal proposal using prescribed application forms.


Agencies of the Royal Government, local NGOs, grassroots communities and Bhutanese individuals are eligible for support.

  • Proposals received directly from grass roots communities are desired
  • When submitted by government and NGOs, proposals that enhance community involvement in conservation will be prioritized
  • Co-financing is desired, but trust fund support should not displace other donor funding
  • Individual large scale grants should not exceed  Ngultrum  15 million
  • A grant should not exceed three years
  • Small Grants are available at the trust fund secretariat
  • Individual Grants should not exceed Ngultrum 0.4 million.

Social & Environmental Checklist

From January 2013 onwards, all approved project are required to administer the Social and Environmental Checklist to ensure that the proposed project addresses all social and environmental impacts generated from the project implementation.

All Management Board Grant proposals must be attached with completed Social and Environmental Safeguard Checklist mentioning clear mitigative measures, if any.

Forms can be downloaded from here:

  1. Social & Environmental Safeguard Checklist (.doc) 
  2. Semi Annual Workplan and Budget Requisition (.doc)