For Grant seekers

BTFEC funded projects include Management Board Grant (MB-Grant) and Small Grant.

MB Grant
The projects approved by the Management Board is referred to as MB-Grant, where a grant shall not exceed Ngultrum 15 million, and the proposed implementation period of a Grant or the project shall not exceed three years. The procedures by which BTFEC receives, approves and funds grant proposals are substantially redefined in Strategy Plan III.
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Small Grants
Small Grants, not exceeding Nu. 400,000 per grant are approved by the Secretariat. Small Grants are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year until the maximum of six grants has been reached.
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Who can apply for the grant?
Governmental organizations, academic institutions, civil societies, rural communities and cooperatives, individuals and governmental entities, including those at the district and local levels, are eligible to apply.
Proposals that originate from and/or include local governments, civil societies, and affected populations are given extra credit in the approval process. Projects that include collaboration and partnerships among several institutions for mutual benefit are encouraged, if such cooperation will likely increase the chance of successful implementation and outcomes. Innovative conservation methods and new technologies are encouraged.

Grant cycle
In the older system, random proposals, which address one or more of the seven conservation issues targeted in the Strategy Plan II, were funded biannually after a vetting and approval process.
In the new approach, BTFEC annually issues a new Request for Proposal (RFP) to address a specific conservation threat. The RFP will describe the threat based on research with subject experts, relevant stakeholders and interactions with target populations. It will include expected outcomes of project funding, total allocated budget and funding cycle, relevant resources, the proposal format, descriptions of the processes for assistance with proposal preparation, final proposal review and approval, and funding terms and expectations.