Strategic Funding Objectives

The Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation is an independent grant-making organization that uses its annual investment income to finance conservation activities. Grants are awarded to eligible Bhutanese individuals and institutions based on any of the following Program Focus of the Third Strategic Plan of 2016-2020.

a. Fund a Few Core Conservation Threats (Nu. 270 million) :

  • Human wildlife conflicts
  • Waste management and prevention
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Protecting biodiversity while improving rural livelihoods

b.Support Populations Most Affected by Loss of Natural Resources and Biodiversity (Nu.135 million):

  • Defining the specifics of conservation issues
  • Trained to prepare proposals for project funding
  • Include in project management and implementation
  • Empower to sustain and improve conservation practices

c. Collaborate with Other Institutions to Maximize Conservation Benefits of BTFEC Funding (Nu.45 million) :

  • Conservation Initiatives
  • Research institutions
  • International aid organizations
  • Civil societies
  • Private industry