Ongoing Projects

 I.   Core Projects (BTFEC funded) :23
Sl.No Grant No.  Title of the Project Grantee Grant Amount Start Date End Date
1 MB0132Y13 Rural Live-stock and Agricultural Crops Insurance Scheme Nature Conservation Division  2,500,000 01-06-2013  30-05-2018
2 MB0156Y15 White-Bellied Heron(WBH) Recovery Plan Royal Society for Protection of Nature 1,276,8244 01-07-2015  30-06-2018
3 MB0159Y15 Up-scaling Sustainable Land Management to Combat Land Degradatation and Climate Change Mitigation National Soil Service Cente  11,965,000 01-07-2015  30-06-2018
4 MB0162Y15 Trial Introduction of Glue Laminated Timber Technology and Experimental Application of Glulam Structures in Bhutan (Extended till 30 June 2019) The Royal Academy 14,720,350 01-06-2015  30-06-2017
5 MB0167Y16 Development of Compact and Appropriate Onsite Sanitation Technology for Reducing Public Health Hazards and Environmental Pollution in the Urban areas of  Bhutan College of Science and Technology  14,620,000 01-07-2016  30-06-2019
6 MB0168Y16 Fish Fauna Assessment: Species Composition and Distribution of Fish in Manas River Basin,Aie Chu and Nyera Ama Chhu  National Riverine Centre &Lake Fisheries  12,590,000 01-07-2016  30-06-2019
7 MB0169Y16 To Enhance the Management Effectiveness of Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve Jigme Kheser Strict Nature Reserve 14,750,000 01-07-2016  30-06-2019
8 MB170Y17 Strengthening Environmental Auditing towards Protection and Conservation of Environment Royal Audit Authority 6,924,000 01-07-2016  30-06-2019
9 MB171Y17 Research and Development in Electric Fence Designs based on Animal Behavior and Exploring Alternative Materials for Wooden Poles through Recycling Rural Development Centre  3,780,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2019
10 MB172Y17 Conservation and Sustainable Use of Indigenous Flora in Bhutanese Gardens and Landscapes Floriculture and Amenity Landscaping Programme 7,120,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2019
11 MB173Y17 Enhancing Community Capacity for Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood improvement through Eco-based Farming Rural Development Training Centre 6,500,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2019
12 MB174Y17 Working towards Achieving Land Degradation Neutral Status: ” Protect-Sustain-Restore”. National Soil Service Centre 6,000,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2019
13 MB175Y17 Strengthening National Biosecurity and Food Safety Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority 5,250,000 01-01-2017  30-06-2019
14 MB177Y17  Conservation and Promotion of Native Poultry Breeds of Bhutan Livestock Production Division 8,590,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2019
15 MB176Y17 Improving Rangeland Governance and Leveraging Yak Value Chains for Sustainable Natural Resource  Management and Livelihoods in the western frontier of Bhutan Research and Extension Division 9,390,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2019
16 MB178Y17 National Roll-out for SMART Patroling Program Nature Conservation Division 4,000,000 01-06-2013  30-06-2018
17 MB179Y17 Scientific Study on the Ecology of Small Felids in Royal Manas National Park Royal Manas National Park 3,747,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2019
18 MB180Y17 Scientific Study of the Ecology and Conservation of Spotted Deer and other Small Mammals in Phipsoo Wildlife Sanctuary Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary 5,700,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2019
19 MB181Y17 Rehabilitation of Degraded Watershed and Improvement of Water Supply for Eutok Gonpa and Dra Karpo  Eutok Samdrup Chholing Gyenzin Dratshang 1,811,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2018
20 MB185Y17 Zero Waste Project in Samdrup Jongkhar and Trashigang Lhomon Society 1,706,600 01-07-2017  30-06-2019
21 MB186Y17 Building Socio-Ecological Resilience: An Adaptation to Progressive Climate Change in Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary 7,013,250 01-07-2017  30-06-2019
22 MB187Y17 Introducing Environmental Science in Formal Education in Bhutan in Classes XI and XII Royal Education Council 5,236,000 01-07-2017  31-12-2019
23 MB188Y17 Conservation and Sustainable Use of Indigenous Flora in Bhutanese Gardens and Landscapes Thimphu Forest Division 15,000,000 01-07-2017  30-06-2019
 II.  Non-Core (GEF/World Bank funded) :5
Sl.No Grant No.  Title of the Project Grantee Grant Amount Start Date End Date
1 MB0151Y15 Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use in HANAs of Bhutan National Biodiversity Centre  14,250,000 01-01-2015  31-12-2017
2 MB0138Y14 Strengthen Resource Monitoring, Patrolling and Service Delivery of JDNP( Extended till 31 December 2017) Jigme Dorji National Park 15,000,000 01-01-2014  31-12-2016
3 MB182Y17 Integrated Wildlife Management for Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihoods Bumdeling Widlife Sanctuary 14,200,000 15-03-2017  31-12-2018
4 MB183Y17 Antipoaching of Musk Deer- Ensuring their conservation in WCNP and beyond Wangchuck Centennial National Park 15,000,000 15-03-2017  31-12-2018
5 MB184Y17 Enhancing the Conservation of Bhutan Takin, the National Animal Nature Conservation Division  5,090,000 15-03-2017  31-12-2018
 III.   Small Grant (BTFEC funded):1
Sl.No Grant No.  Title of the Project Grantee Grant Amount Start Date End Date
1 SC144Y17 To Ensure Health and Hygiene of the Monks and Conserve Environment subsequently through the Use of Electric Cooker Kathok Beylangdra Monastery, Sharkhazhi, Wangduephodrang  3,78,700 01-09-2017  31-08-2018
1 SC145Y17 Sustainable NWFP Management of Sektena Gakiling Gewog Paro Forest Division 400,000 11/1/2017 6/30/2018
1 SC146Y17 Prevention of Forest Fire through Media Advocacy and Awarness DoFPS 395,000 9/1/2017 8/31/2018