Ongoing Projects


 I.   Core Projects (BTFEC funded) :14
Sl.No Grant No.  Title of the Project Grantee Grant Amount Start Date End Date Remarks
1 MB0167Y16 Development of Compact and Appropriate Onsite Sanitation Technology for Reducing Public Health Hazards and Environmental Pollution in the Urban areas of  Bhutan College of Science and Technology  14,620,000 01-07-2016  30-06-2019  Extended until 30-06-2020
2 MB171Y17 Research and Development in Electric Fence Designs based on Animal Behavior and Exploring Alternative Materials for Wooden Poles through Recycling Agriculture and Research Development Centre  3,780,000 01-01-2017  31-12-2019  Extended until 30-06-2020
3 MB188Y17 Samazingkha Agro-Forestry Project Thimphu Forest Division 15,000,000 01-07-2017  30-06-2020
4 MB191Y18 Conservation of Black Necked Crane in Bumthang Bumthang Forest Division 2,959,000 01-07-2018  30-06-2021
5 MB189Y17 Develop Conservation Management Plan for Biological Corridor 5(BC5) and Hotspot Mapping of Human Wildlife Conflict areas under Pemagatshel Dzongkhag Pemagatshel Territorial Divisional 7,330,900 01-07-2018  30-06-2021
6 MB190Y17 Developing Climate Resilient Communities through Appropriate Adaptation and Mitigation Interventions Tarayana Foundation 12,402,500 01-07-2018  30-06-2021
7 MB192Y19 National floral diversity & conservation & preservation of native floral genetic resources through development of Tashichhodzong gardens His Majesty’s Secretariat 14,954,800 01-07-2019 30-06-2022
8 MB193Y19 Installation of charging stations to promote sustainable transport systems Ministry of Information & Communication 15,000,000 01-07-2019 30-06-2020
9 MB194Y19 Sustainable Management of NWFP and its commercialization in Bhutan Social Forestry & Extension Division 12,055,000 01-07-2019 30-06-2022
10 MB195Y19 Upscaling WBH recovery program RSPN 9,607,851 01-07-2019 30-06-2022
11 MB197Y19 Clean, Green, Beautiful urban spaces for sustainable development Royal Project Coordination Office 10,040,000.00 01-07-2019 30-06-2022
12 MB196Y19 Strengthening Forest fire management in Bhutan through participatory approach Forest Protection & Enforcement Division 12,300,000 01-07-2019 30-06-2022
13 MB198Y19 Strengthening and Promoting Glue Laminated Timber Technology in Bhutan Royal Academy, Pangbisa 14,572,000 01-07-2019 30-06-2022
14 MB199Y19 Critical Watershed Management of Richulum Watershed Dop Shari Gewog Administration 2,110,000 01-07-2019 30-06-2021
 II.   Small Grant (BTFEC funded):4
Sl.No Grant No.  Title of the Project Grantee Grant Amount Start Date End Date Remarks
1  SC155Y18 Soil Conservation, landscaping and waste management for environment conservation  Territorial Forestry Division Thimphu  400,000  30-05-2019  29-05-2020
2 SC157Y19 Promote Alternative Flagpoles to Save Young Trees. CD Bamboo 380,000 02-09-2019 01-09-2020
3 SC158Y19 Enhancement of Patrolling along Manas River, one of the Hotspots of illegal Activities under Royal Manas National Park Royal Manas National Park 396,000 02-09-2019 01-09-2020
4 SC156Y19 Instituting Waste Management Practices in all twenty six schools under Wangdue Dzongkhag. Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag 300,000 02-09-2019 01-09-2020