Project Feasibility and Preparatory Grant

BTFEC provides support to potential project proponents through Project Feasibility and Preparation Grant (PF&PG) to prepare technically sound and sustainable projects to address conservation issues. Funds up to Nu 150,000 are available for PF&PGs, which can involve project feasibility studies and or formulation of project proposals to address specific conservation needs as announced in the Request For Proposals (RFPs).

The main criterion in awarding a PF&PG for preparation of a project proposal is the likelihood that its implementation will result in a well-drafted proposal with the potential to achieve sustainable and effective results. Resulting projects may receive grants from BTFEC, or from other funding sources.

Following links are for eligible criteria, Application Form, Clearance Letter, Concept Note Template and guidelines.

  1. PFPG Application
  2. PFPG Clearance Letter
  3. Concept Note Template
  4. PFPG Approving Guidelines