Lodge a Complaint

complaint may relate to:

• Fraud and Corruption on operations of the BTFEC
• Dissatisfaction with the BTFEC’s policy or procedure
• Disagreement with a decision of BTFEC
• Failure of appropriate administrative process
• Conduct/behavior of BTFEC secretariat staff

The BTFEC will pursue all reasonable steps within its mandate to establish an efficient and unbiased management of complains based on:

• Accessibility
Complaints can be made either verbally or in writing, in person, by telephone, by email but wherever possible, complaints should be confirmed in writing signed by the complainant complete with address.

• Responsiveness
Complaints shall be dealt with promptly and professionally. The process and time needed to resolve an issue vary depending on the nature and complexity of the issue.

• Accountability
BTFEC shall be responsible and accountable for handling the complaints

• Confidentiality
Confidentiality shall be respected at all times within the limitations of the need to fully investigate the complaint.
Download the Complaint form from here, After filling the form, kindly send it to info@bhutantrustfund.bt