Lodge a Complaint

Send your complaint to:
info@bhutantrustfund.bt or Contact +975 -2-339861.

Any member of the staff of BTFEC or organisations associated with BTFEC, its vendors/suppliers, other stakeholders and public at large can lodge a complaint on this website. These complaints could relate to:

  1. Allegations of Fraud, Malpractices or Corruption by staff or other stakeholders in:
  • Day to day operations of the BTFEC
  • In projects financed or implemented (including those in progress) by BTFEC

2. Environmental and/or Social damages/harms caused by projects financed or implemented (including those in progress) by BTFEC. These damages/harms could relate to:

  • Pollution prevention and resource efficiency
  • Significant negative impacts on public health
  • Destruction of natural habitats
  • Disproportionate impact on marginalized and vulnerable groups
  • Violation of core labor rights
  • Destruction of physical and cultural heritage
  • Or any other issues which result in non-compliance with applicable domestic and international law or practices.

While it is preferable that the complainant provide some contact details so that BTFEC can contact the person for additional information, if required during investigation, complainants may choose not to provide such details. However, it is reiterated that all such complaints shall be handled confidentiality and protection shall be provided to all such complainants in accordance with BTFEC’s Whistle-blower Protection Policy.