Re Announcement for Proposal “Design and Development of BTFEC Website”

With reference to our earlier RFP announcement in Kuensel and our website on 15th June 2020, the deadline for the submission of proposals has been extended till 8th July 2020, 12:00 noon; TOR remains the same.

Bidders who have already submitted their proposals need not re-submit.

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  1. Ongoing projects : 29
    1. Large Grants : 25
    2. Small Grants : 4
  2. Investment and Return :
    1. Off shore : 52514885
    2. In country : 7249228
  3. Projects since Inception :
    1. Large Grants :
    2. Small Grants :

Mandated by the Royal Charter, BTFEC’s field programs encompass the three broad themes: Biodiversity Conservation, Ecosystem Management and Social Well-being.

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