Vision Statement: “All citizens champion their natural heritage of healthy forests, clean waterways, diverse flora and fauna and intact eco-systems and takes personal responsibility for maintaining a green and healthy environment for themselves and future generations”.

Mission Statement: “To promote the socio-economic welfare of Bhutanese citizens by funding conservation of their flora, fauna, diverse eco-system and biodiversity; and addressing the adverse effects of development on Bhutan’s natural environment”.

Important Informaton

At a Glance

  1. Ongoing projects : 19
    1. Large Grants : 19
    2. Small Grants : 0
  2. Investment and Return :
    1. Off shore : 52,514,885
    2. In country : 7,249,228
  3. Projects since Inception : 239
    1. Large Grants : 161
    2. Small Grants : 78

Mandated by the Royal Charter, BTFEC’s field programs encompass the three broad themes: Biodiversity Conservation, Ecosystem Management and Social Well-being.

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