The Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (BTFEC) is pleased to announce the following vacancies:

Sl. No  





Term & Placement

1 Chief Financial Officer 1 Contract/ BTFEC, Thimphu
2 Project Manager 1 -same as above-
3 Communications Officer 1 -same as above-


Terms of References

  1. CFO  
  2. Project Manager
  3. Communications Officer

Qualified Bhutanese candidates are encouraged to submit their applications to the Director, BTFEC, Near YDF Complex, Thimphu, latest by 1400 hours on/before 14 April 2017, along with the following documents:

  1. A Letter of Interest
  2. An updated Curriculum Vitae
  3. A list of at least two references with current e-mail address and contacts
  4. Copies of Academic & Training Certificates
  5. Copy of Citizenship ID Card
  6. Copy of Medical Fitness Certificate (with valid period)
  7. Security Clearance Certificate (with valid period)
  8. NOC from present Employer, if employed (not required for shortlisting)

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for selection interviews (oral and written) during which the above documents should be available in original. The BTFEC reserves the right to the final decisions on the recruitment of above posts. For further information, contact the Administrative/HR Officer at 339861/339862 during work hours.


Important Informaton

At a Glance

  1. Ongoing projects : 19
    1. Large Grants : 19
    2. Small Grants : 0
  2. Investment and Return :
    1. Off shore : 52,514,885
    2. In country : 7,249,228
  3. Projects since Inception : 239
    1. Large Grants : 161
    2. Small Grants : 78

Mandated by the Royal Charter, BTFEC’s field programs encompass the three broad themes: Biodiversity Conservation, Ecosystem Management and Social Well-being.

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